The company has since been active within the fields of water and Sewage Treatment, Infrastructure and Renewable Energy, and designs, develops and implements projects both on EPC and BOO/T bases. Intergen operates within Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

IEL has completed a number of government and non government assignment including the projects of several water and sewage treatment plants and large rural and urban water supply schemes including solar powered water treatment plants across a number of locations and states. IEL is also doing a number of EPC projects with regards to construction of roads and other infrastructure projects.

Having achieved success in the fields of Water Supply, Sewerage and Renewable Energy IEL expanded its domain of technosphere to take up the construction activities relating to following fields :

  • 1) Irrigation & Flood Control works.
  • 2) Roads & Highways.
  • 3) Buildings.
  • 4) Bridges.
It has number of EPC projects relating to construction of roads and other infrastructure projects.